Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cloth Makes a Comeback

It's an early Sunday morning and I'm on my couch wondering what my next step is going to be on this cloth diaper journey I have(sorta-kinda) embarked on. I received several gifts that I received from my baby showers, and a lot of those included Pampers. Tons and tons of Pampers: enough to last me six months type of supply. Although I wanted to try cloth diapering from the beginning, it was just so easy to fall into the disposable diaper trap.

So, here I go on this journey (again) and I'm more serious about it than ever. I even took the first step to buy two Oh Fancy Baby cloth diapers that have really cool prints: giraffe and a "Rockstar" pattern. 

Although I do not have the inserts because I purchased this from a nice young lady from Craigslist, I am thinking about making my own from old pre-fold diapers that my 3-year-old sister used to wear. 

I haven't actually used the diapers yet, but plan on doing so once I arrive in my hometown next week. I'll be there with my mom and grandmother who I'm highly assuming, will be supportive of me throughout this whole thing. I'm kind of excited, and have thought of 3 different reasons I am going to stick with cloth diapers this time around.

  1. It has to be easier than I think. I'm the kind of person who gets overwhelmed just by going to the grocery store, so I know I am over thinking and stressing too much about how hard it'll be. Easy, smeazy. Right?
  2. Health benefits for my precious. Although I have not done in depth research on the toxicity of disposables, cloth diapers are just breathable, and soft alternatives for little babycakes. Plus, has anyone smelled disposables? They smell like crap. Okay, not crap, but definitely ammonia. Yuck.
  3. I'm frugal and I want to save money. Cloth diapers = money saved.

This should be fun.

-Sorta Crunchy Mama

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